Cathy Narvaez rivets audiences with her strong, versatile voice and stage appeal. Her smooth, soulful tones combine with "in your face" and "down and dirty" styling that enables her to explore a diverse array of music.

The trademark brass provides powerful dynamics and adds a full-tilt keel and fun take on the band's musical selections. Such seasoned veterans as Bill Rife (trumpet), Eric Craddock (trombone) and James "Jimmy D" DeSalvo (alto, tenor and baritone saxophones) keep this "Brass" ready, aimed and fired up to go wherever the music takes them!

A strong, stormin' rhythm section is the driving force behind this band as it is steered by such accomplished musicians as Ben "Shredder" Shachter (guitar), Marty Ryczek (keyboards), Michael "Vez" Narvaez (bass) and Bill Bunkers (drums). These experienced performers bring with them their varied music influences to complete the solid music foundation that has become synonymous with the Scraps of Brass experience.

Whether you prefer driving rock-n-roll, melodic ballads, heart-wrenching blues, groovy rhythm and blues or funky soul (or, if you just want to get up on the floor and move your feet), the captivating and satisfying performances of Scraps of Brass delivers and leaves audiences craving for more.